Our Story

In the early 1900’s, Grandpa Gabriel Augustine Fernando and two of his sons (Edwin and his brother, Pious) started work setting the foundations of the house that was to become Blue Waves Hotel. It was hard, laborious work, and both sons would complain over the mixing of concrete and the tedious hand-pouring that was needed to build the house for a young and growing family back then as part of their after-school chores. Grandpa had been an officer in the Royal British Navy and travelled all over the world. During his years of service abroad, he saved his money and slowly began to build and add to his property, each time he returned home, so that his family could grow and prosper. Over the years the house acquired more walls and some more rooms, with our family having even more children, until all six were finally born. The clan soon branched out into more residences within Trincomalee, grandchildren now being born, all within our hometown during the next 100 years. Fish were caught and stories told, food was cooked, with Gramma’s touch and artistry with traditional rice and curry, still spoken of to this day. Our skilled staff, mostly all local residents and born in Sri Lanka, now help us prepare delicious meals gramma’s way and help serve our guests with the traditional love of Trinco generosity, in celebration of our history and as legacy of our family values to the future. We hope to extend this hospitality and care to you during your stay with us. Our spirit of generosity shines in the warmth we extend, our expertise in our care.. We’ll be your family here in Trincomalee, we welcome you to our home.