1. One of the safest destinations on Earth to travel
  2. Pristine Beaches of Mable Bay, China Bay, Nilaveli, Uppuveli and Kuchchiveli
  3. The world's best Natural Harbour
  4. The largest two mammals on Earth, the Blue whale and the Elephant could be seen in the same location.
  5. Natural Hot water Springs
  6. Marble Bay Golf Course
  7. Famous Cultural Heritage site such as Sami Rock Temple, Girihadu Seya etc..
  8. Best Sea Food Destination in Sri Lanka (Lobster, Prawn, Calamari, Crab and many more….)
  9. The City of Cultural Diversity in Sri Lanka (Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims)
  10. Destination you should visit in your lifetime. Life time experience ……